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Despite originally training as a classical Tenor Conor Collins became captivated by the raw power of visual art during studies in Opera. The way in which an artist could capture someone's style and lay it bare on canvas that left him mesmerized. During his studies he fell in love with a another visual artist, drawn in by their use of colour and drama, and started painting beside them. Conor tried various mediums, but none felt quite right.

It wasn't until Conor experienced heartbreak from this fellow artist that he discovered his true artistic voice. He returned home one day to a blank canvas, dipped his hands into pots of blue ink, and smeared them over the surface. Though messy, it perfectly captured his emotions. He finally found a way to communicate more than just how something someone may look. It marked the beginning of his journey as an artist.


Over the years, Conor's style has evolved and progressed as he's focused on expressing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Originally he couldn't find a gallery willing to exhibit his work for more than a few weeks, so he took matters into his own hands and turned to social media to showcase his art.

The response was overwhelming. Through exhibiting his work online Conor's work caught the attention of major galleries including the Pallant House Gallery, and he was shortlisted for prestigious art prizes, including the New Light Art Award, the Saatchi Showdown Drawing Prize, and the Celeste Art Prize. His paintings have even been featured in The House of Commons. His art has found its way into the collections of famous names like Sir Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry, and Giorgio Armani.

But it was Conor's portraits of Tom Daley, Caitlyn Jenner, and Donald Trump that truly propelled him into the spotlight. These images went viral, attracting millions of viewers and appearing in major news outlets like, Cosmopolitan, and The Hollywood Reporter. They sparked conversations and debates, and for a brief moment, they were the most talked-about images on the internet.

Without a single gallery exhibiting them, Conor's art has captured the hearts and minds of people all around the world. It has the power to move and inspire, to challenge and provoke. 

Scary Painting.jpg

“A truly complex and emotive individual, Conor Collins is name that is being whispered in high circles amongst inspired art collectors and we anticipate that his work will soon be noticed not just on the UK stage but Globally, as word spreads of this unique and intriguing artist. Definitely one to watch” Andrew Scott – Cloud Gallery


“ I could look at your work all day. Everytime I looked I saw something new” Art historian Roger Cardinal

'The only portait I could have hanging in my house'  Actor and Writer Stephen Fry

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