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An artist created a portrait of Princess Diana with HIV positive blood


This Princess Diana Portrait Was Created With HIV-Positive Blood


This artist made Princess Diana’s portrait using HIV+ve blood for an important reason


This artist has painted a portrait of Princess Diana in HIV-positive blood to make an important point about stigma


Gay Artist Creates Portrait of Princess Diana using HIV Positive Blood


This Mesmerizing Photo Of Trump Is Made Up Of His Bigoted Words


Today, artist Conor Collins has returned with a brand new portrait of the now-commander in chief.


Artist creates portrait of Donald Trump from his most outrageous quotes

This excellent portrait of Donald Trump is made from his most hateful quotes


This Painting Made From Gay Men’s Blood Makes A Powerful Point About Blood Donation Rules



Blood portrait makes case for gay donors

'Turning hate into love!' Caitlyn Jenner praises artist who made online threats and hatred against the star into a portrait


British artist recreates Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover using Twitter death threats

Artist Uses Caitlyn Jenner Twitter Death Threats to Re-create 'Vanity Fair' Cover Portrait

Conor Collins creates Tom Daley portrait from anti-gay tweets

Artist Turns Homophobic Tweets About Tom Daley Into a Portrait of the Olympic Diver

Meet The Artist Who Turned Homophobic Tweets Sent To Tom Daley Into An Inspirational Picture

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