My portrait of Princess Diana made using HIV positive blood and diamond dust The world was shocked when Diana held hands with a patient with HIV. Decades later, HIV stigma is still rife.We should know the facts. You can’t get HIV from kissing. Undetectable means untransmittable. PREP and PEP work. However widespread HIV stigma, homophobia, racism and transphobia only serve to make new HIV infections more likely. The latest data in the UK, reported last year but from 2016, is that 93% of those

Fake News

My portrait of Donald Trump made using his most controversial statements painted onto a wall of white washed dollars. “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” “I know more about ISIS than the generals do.” “I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing” “I'm really good at war. I love war in a certain way" These quotes and many more have been hand painted onto dollars to create an iconic image of this notorious man.

The Pink Palace

Inspired by Russell T Davis' TV Series 'Its a Sin' this portrait of Olly Alexander is a celebration of the camp, the strong, the brave, the pink and the positive.


A portrait of Caitlyn Jenner composed using the death threats she received after coming out as Transgender. This portrait became international news within 24 hours of being posted online. Featuring in Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph and The Hollywood reporter as well as hundreds of news sites. In 1 week this portrait was seen by more people that visit The Museum of Modern Art in 2 years

Alan Turing II

A portrait of Alan Turing composed using the real human blood of people unable to donate blood under current blood donation laws. Unveiled in the House of Commons in 2015.

Shocked Dali

Dali has always been one of my best influences as a person, not only as an artist. This image is designed to look like a mess of lines up close but exhibited at a distance such as the end of a room or the top of a flight of stairs then Dali appears peeking through the canvas at the observer. Painted with acrylic paint on a purposefully warped canvas.

Cant take it with you

A mixture of collage, canvas and chalkboard paint. This painting is a dissected black canvas under which real US dollars were primed. A strong and powerful piece. This is a statement when hung in any room.

Self Portrait

This self portrait is made using a fictional map with fictional street names. The street names, alleyways and rivers all represent different parts of who I am today. Some nice, some not as nice. I hope to continue recreating this portrait over the years, with the map getting more modern, as I develop as a person and as an artist.

Camp America

My latest portrait - Trumps Camp America In 2018 news broke that the Trump Administration was separating children from their parents in cages at the border. Separating a child from their parents in this way is more than cruel, it’s more than unsettling...it is modern day torture.

Brexit Means Brexit

My portrait of Theresa May painted ontop of a shipping container lid. This lid travelled into belgium to carry some artwork which had been planned to be sold. The deal fell through last minute, and so like Theresa and the whole UK goverment, it came back damaged, weaker, and without a deal.


My portrait of Andy Warhol made using acrylic paint and liquid silver leaf on canvas. Although hand painted this style of image is a nod to his screen printed images and the era of the silver factory.

Donald 2016

My portrait of Donald Trump made using the sexist, racist, ignorant and bigoted things he has said. This portrait became one of the most talked about images of 2016 featuring in The Independent and The Times.


This portrait of Michael Jackson is painted ontop of 2 other abstract paintings. On the edges you can see fragments of the previous paintings underneath. This image is intended to capture that brief moment of time before Michael Jackson changed forever. I want the observer to feel sympathy for this child and wish to take him away before his world changed forever.

Bruised Boy

Walking home during the Manchester riots I saw a young boy bleeding and being treated by paramedics. He looked almost graceful in his pain and the fine line before horror and beauty inspired me to create this image with inks, paint, and paper.

Marsha P. Johnson

This portrait of Marsha P. Johnson was inspired by the BLM movement. I as a queer person owe so much to this wonderful, brave, black, trans woman. Black Lives Matter Black Trans Lives Matter


My portrait of the Queer Pop Singer Olly Alexander. I have for many years admired his openness about his sexuality, identity and mental health. His bravery gives people a chance to see someone, who is like them. It gives them a chance to know that being yourself can not only be good, it can be wonderful.

Looking at Robin

A portrait of Robin Williams created from thousands of individual black scratches onto canvas. I was heartbroken when Robin passed away as he had been a constant Icon throughout my childhood. To remove this grief I needed a method that would allow for me some way of scratching away the pain. I settled upon collecting all the old pens I had and scratching individual lines into canvas. Then over a course of weeks I gently layered paint on top of this scratches as the grief settled.

Death Mask of Monroe

This triptych of 3 jaunty canvas', painted unevenly is my interpretation of Marilyn Monroe. Appearing in an ambiguous state, perhaps dead or perhaps at rest I have simplified Monroe's iconic features into a simple array of dots. Acrylic paint and ink on 3 canvases.

Baby George

A portrait of possibly the most powerful baby in the world. Created using thousands of individual dots of Prussian blue paint immersed ultramarine ink. This is then surrounded by fine gold leaf as a nod to great royal portraiture of the past. Originally commissioned by the Chinese Goverment and intended to be gifted to Prince William a mix up with logistics saw this arrive in Hong Kong instead of Beijing. So now it is back with me, wanting a good home.

A nod to my teens

When I was a frustrated, anxious and unhappy teen I would often kill time drawing dash after dash after dash on paper. Over time these dashes would often form a surreal sky scene. In this image I have returned to this technique and used it to create a self portrait of who I am now.

A portrait of Childhood

I had a traditional catholic upbringing and subsequently was surround by images of the Martyrs and Saints. However the most distinctive image was the of the Crucifixion This image was burned into my brain from childhood and I took it for granted that it would be normal to see a bleeding, suffering man dieing before me. This image has been created through hundreds of tiny dots of acrylic paint and then layered with several coats of crimson ink.

A portrait of Dali

This portrait of Dali is best viewed at a distance or on a smart phone. Inspired by my big box television my family had growing up with its tiny bulbs that when you sat up close to it, all you could see were dots and dots and dots. It is composed of approximately 2600 dots of chalkboard paint onto canvas.


My interpretation of the most expensive artist the world has ever known. Created through long streaks of paint on canvas. Each line took between 20-30 minutes to paint and by themselves appear as nothing but together they create a deeply detailed image of this influential artist.

Say no to Putin

This portrait is best viewed whilst swaying ones head from left to right as though proclaiming NO! Composed using strips of chalkboard paint onto canvas this is another of my pieces inspired by my hatred for bullies. No matter how powerful they are

Lets go to School

A portrait of real child soldier painted over several layers of torn paper including children's wrapping paper. A child of no more than 10 years, faceless, anonymous carrying a child's school back on his back on top of which rests a gun. A real image, of a real child solider. Heartbreakingly this painting has likely already outlasted the subject.

A single written word ...

A single written word is better than the best memory Shortliited for the Saatchi Gallery 'Showdown drawing prize' and the OutsideIn National Art Prize. A portrait of composed of written thoughts, feelings, memories, journal entries, things I have said and things I wish I had said over 13 months.

The happy Pope

A portrait of the former Pope Benedict waving to his followers. For a man who speaks of kindness and good there has never been a group of people more wicked. Overbearingly weathly, corrupt and pedophillic. The Vatican has long been 10 steps away from forces of good.

Self Portrait

A portrait focusing on those moments in life where for no reason what so ever you just hate yourself. Those moments when you consider yourself a fake, a bastard, the worst kind of person. Those moments when you think you are worse than worthless. This portrait has been painted over an earlier portrait called 'Please Don't Sue Me'

Trust Exercises for the press

A portrait composed using newspaper print, chalkboard paint and acrylic paint. A man paused in motion. Perhaps falling from grace or rising like a deity from the grave. Inspired by the phone hacking scandals I wanted to capture a fixed moment in time when no one knew what or who to trust.

Jack Nicholson

A portrait of Jack Nicholson composed of 1/2 Kilo of coffee beans. Hours and hours in the making this piece is designed to draw the observer in even from across a room. Must be seen in person.

More than just the magic man

As a young man I performed close up magic. This became my job and soon I was performing magic daily. However when meeting new people I would start to do magic. This then led to me being called 'magic man'. Very soon I realized people didn't know my name. They didn't know me at all. I was just an amusement. From then on I stopped doing magic. I still will break out a pack of cards now and then, but now I am sure that is it me that shines through, Conor, more than the magic man.