Tom Daley 2014

My portrait of Tom Daley composed of the homophobic tweets sent to him when he came out as in a relationship with a man. This was my first painting that went viral. The morning after I first posted it online I had 1000 notifications on my phone and missed calls from TIME, Buzzfeed, The Times and The Independent.

Stephen Fry

A portrait of the author, actor and comedian Stephen Fry. A remarkable man whose honesty regarding his bipolarity inspired this portrait. The allusion to the tepid greens used by Van Gough in his own paintings to reflect times of mental dischord.


My portrait of one my my heros, Billy Connolly. He was someone who showed me that you can be a wierdo, and people can love you for it. This piece is nearly as tall as me, took months to complete and all my concentration.

Alan Turing I

My Portrait of Alan Turing created with the Pink Triangle used to label LGBT people in the Nazi Concentration Camps

A portrait for Matt Lucas

A portrait for the comedian, script writer, film and TV actor Matt Lucas. A kind and gentle man who brings a warm smile to all those he meets. Showing his soft side in this portrait I used several layers of Inks and tissue paper to form this image


Featured on Channel 4's 4ThoughtTV, and Channel 4's My Teenage Nudist and Channel M. A portrait of the moment when we stop resisting that which we cannot change and begin to accept the inevitable. Be it that we are gay, or that our loved one will die, or that we are sick, or that we wont be able to pay rent for this month. The moment of stillness that comes only in that second when we stop fighting that which we cannot fight. Now hanging in Private Residence in Kent

A portrait of Salvador Dali

I have composed this image using 180 meters of black thread. It took many weeks to complete. The process was a homage to one of my favorite visual artists, Salvador Dali. Now hanging in private residence in Kent


A portrait of Vivienne Westwood composed using layers of Inks and Acrylic Paint


My portrait of Freddy Mercury painted onto 4 joined planks of wood. Growing up Freddy was a role model to me, but inescapable was always the story of his tragic death. I wanted to create an image that showed the frailer, stiller and more gentle side of Freddy.

Thinking Man checking his Twitter

There is a phobic reaction to 'modern technology' and I am often told how people are against technology and prefer books and pens. What is forgotten is that pens and books are technology. They have stored data longer than we have even had the printing press. Here the thinking man is unchanged, still in thought, but welcoming this brave new world of 'modern technology' Now hanging in Private Residence in Kent

No Ball Games

A portrait composed of hundreds of love heart candies to which individually have had blank paint put upon them and then fused to canvas.

Untitled no .1

A portrait of no one in particular

A self Portrait

A self portrait composed using only the words used to describe my artwork in my first review

The Discus Thrower

The modern athlete cannot survive without branding. We have begun to see a return of the adoration of the 'Greek form' however now we can see it has been augmented with branding and fashion. Now hanging in Private Residence in Manchester

I cant scream

Under incredible amounts of stress and upset I created this portrait in one evening and finished in the early hours of the morning. Made using words I needed to express and ants to symbolize death and decay this portrait represents my anxiety, panic, fear and distress.

JC The first boy I fell in love with

This painting represents the crushing and sickening heartbreak I went through when I first fell in love. His beauty contrasted with the sickness I felt as my heart broke. The image is painted with inks over layers of memories (bus tickets to see him, cinema tickets, receipts from dates). The eyes in the painting still remind me of how it felt to see his perfect blue eyes for the first time. Previously exhibited in London and Manchester this piece in now in private residence in Kent

A portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch

A portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch primed with a collage of notes from my previous job. If you look closely you can see key words and doodles from when my mind would wander as I would take notes in my last job. There I would think about nothing but my paintings every moment of my day, thus making me not the best recruitment consultant in the world!

A portrait of Quentin Crisp

A portrait of one of my style icons Quentin Crisp. His theories on the meaning of style were the greatest influence on my art. Above that of fellow or great painters. His legacy is a great one and his image and profound (and ultimately witty) words will be remembered for years to come. Now hanging in a London Embassy.

A portrait for Giorgio Armani

This image makes the observer question if the muse is alive or dead. This is what I wanted to display in my portrait. That what makes Giorgio Armani so brilliant, is not his face, when he dies his face will be long forgotten. What is remembered is his mind. His face is simply consequential. Now in private residence in Milan

Oscar Wilde

A portrait of Oscar Wilde. A man more iconic in his words than in his image. It is in part his constant pursuit of style which drives my own pursuit for artistic integrity and sincerity. Now hanging in Private residence in Manchester